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I don’t know who did this but this person made my day :D

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A gif a day: day 70

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Wendy & Tigerlily| A Run In Neverland


Looking at the girl with wide, excited eyes Tiger Lily feared Wendy’s response would be a no. But thankful Wendy had agreed. Tiger Lily let out a small squeal as she clapped her hands together in excitement. “Oh I was hoping you’d say yes!” the young princess cheered, hopping in her place. “I’ll make sure everything goes perfectly,” Tiger Lily reassured.

Wendy gave a half smile at the girl’s squeal, hoping she wasn’t making a mistake. But if it turned out as bad as last time she could always leave again. But there was something about Tiger’s excitement that made her feel slightly guilty for being so rude so she didn’t want to let her down.  ”Alright.” she said with a nod. 

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Peter and Wendy | Windows


Peter was enjoying the fact that Wendy thought Never Land was so beautiful. It was the same way he felt about her. He flew down towards the water that reflected the stars, pulling her with him. Once they were close, he reached down with his free hand and dipped the tips of his fingers in.

Wendy examined herself in the reflection of the water when Peter pulled her down inches from the surface. She them dipped her fingers as well, her reflection disappearing among the various ripples her touch caused. With a giggle she turned her gaze to Peter, thinking this was exactly like her first visit to Never land, except somehow completely different, and more magical, because it was only them. 


Peter Pan & Tinkerbell.

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To die would be an awfully big adventure.

-Peter Pan

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