Mim and Wendy | Mim In Time


Mim glared back, unafraid of a small girl’s stare. “No,” she said simply. “Why should I?”

Wendy kept on glaring “Because, well because…” trailing off as she struggled to think of a reason beside’s that Wendy wanted her to. “Because she is my dog and I asked you!” deciding that was a good enough reason. 

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Attina and Wendy | Reader’s Delight | AU


"That would be very nice of you, do you think your parents will mind?" One thing Attina always tried to do, was follow any rules in place. 

Wendy waved her petite hand dismissively “Oh, I’m positive they wont mind. I’m sure I’ll be home for supper.” she said with a smile. Or at least that’s what she hoped.

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Wendy & Boo| Story Time


"Weawy?" Mary asked, shocked that she could be faster than a fast flying fairy. She grinned at the thought.

Wendy nodded, raising her brows. “Oh yes, I think so.” smiling as she noticed Mary’s very own grin. Wendy then turned the page, this one bright with splashes of yellow and a sun in the corner. “Can you guess what these fairies do?” she asked as she nodded to the book. 

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Mim and Wendy | Mim In Time


Mim grinned, “My dear, I specialize in practically impossible, would you like to see?” With a wave of her hand, Nana was turned into a toad. “Practically impossible indeed.”

Wendy screamed as she watched her nursemaid shrink into a toad, ribbiting up at Wendy with sad, slimy eyes. “But how did you do that?” she said as she knelt down and tried to keep Nana from hopping away for fear she’d never find her again. “Change her back at once!” her face scrunched sourly as she glared up at the woman. 

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Wendy & Belle |


“Yes. It’s only for a week. I’m visiting from France. Really? Well, it sure seems like a wonderful place.”

Wendy nodded as she listened “Oh France, I’ve always wanted to visit.” she said with a wistful smile. There were loads of places she’d planned to visit, and France was towards the top of her list. Books made it seem so romantic and fun. “I bet it’s wonderful.” half in her daydream.

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Attina and Wendy | Reader’s Delight | AU


"Oh, I would!" she exclaimed, "but i don’t have anyone to show me around. I’m sure I would get lost if I were by myself." A tour of the city would have been lovely if only she knew someone she could trust to take her.

Wendy smiled, getting just the answer she’d been looking for. Sure, the Darlings probably wouldn’t approve of her dragging a stranger around town but she couldn’t help but be friendly. “Well, then you are lucky to have run into me then!” she said happily, I could show you around a bit, if you’d like.” shrugging her shoulders. 

Wendy and Dr. Horrible | Barking Up The Wrong Tree


"Oh, right," Dr Horrible said, turning back. He grabbed his "oven" and said, "Well, now I gotta go. Goodbye kid."

Wendy placed her hands on her hips and frowned as the man left in a rush. “How terribly rude.” she said to Nana, who nodded in agreement. “Well come on now ol’ girl,” said Wendy as she straightened her nurse maid’s hat and started back for their home. 


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Peter and Wendy | Windows


Peter’s smile grew when Wendy pointed out their path to Never Land. “You remembered?” he asked, a little surprised to find she had. He had brought other children to Never Land before, and none had ever remembered how to get there after a while. 

Wendy grinned right back at him “But of course, I only dream about it every night,” she said matter of factly. It seemed strange for him to expect her to forget. Especially since she thought about it so often forgetting it seemed impossible. She gave his hand a light squeeze as she took one last look around London below. 

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